• AGES 12 – 15: Workshop dates TBD

    Class Details:
    Ages 12 – 15 co-ed
    3.5-hour Workshop
    Email if interested. Once 5 kids interested, dates will be determined.
    Cost: $55/ $105 2 siblings
    Location – Smiley Studio #10
    Space limited to: 7 kids
    * Pre-registration required for all classes.
    * Class policies can be viewed on registration form.

    * 10% discount for siblings (figured on second child)
    * Payment plans available by request

    This pre-teen/teen class focuses on:

    • developing self-awareness & mindfulness,
    • cultivating awareness of thoughts, emotions & patterns,
    • learning how to release stress and balance emotions,
    • learning how to communicate and interact with others,
    • learning how to create a more joyful and happy life.

    The focus of this program is Energy & Emotional Awareness. Kids learn many wonderful, fun and creative tools to help them understand and work with their emotions, release stress, connect with their hearts, and calm their bodies and minds. We do this through group discussion, energy tools, games, art, yoga, breathing techniques, mindfulness skills, role-playing, connecting with nature, music, and guided meditation. The healing power of sound is incorporated into every class with Native American Flute. This is a rejuvenating, non-strenuous class. Kids typically feel wonderful, peaceful and happy by the end of the class!