• Private Energy Awareness Classes ~ all ages & families

    Private Energy Awareness 1-hour classes available by appointment

    Children ages 2-18, parent + child, or entire family

    ~ Individual / 2-children / parent + 1 child:  $80 / 1 hour class

    ~ Family (3-5):  $90-$100 depending on number

    Price includes a 10-15 min follow up via email or phone.

    Please contact Erika to schedule.

    Classes held in Smiley Studio 10.

    Privates are available on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or occasional basis.


    Private classes are similar in nature to the group classes, however they are focused on the specific needs of the student(s) and/or families and what areas they are needing support with. My overall focus is to help everyone re-connect to their True self/Essence with mindfulness and awareness practices, and learn skills for regulating and balancing their mind/ body/emotions.  We may play games, learn energy tools, practice yoga or breathing techniques, draw, ending with a guided meditation to integrate our time together. The structure is flexible and can vary greatly depending on the child.

    The tools the kids learn can help them to understand and work with their emotions, release stress, connect with their hearts, and calm their bodies and minds. The healing power of sound is incorporated into every meditation with Native American Flute. Please contact Erika for more information, or if you would like to discuss the possibility of privates for your child.